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About Panthera

The Genesis

The Web3 experience is far from seamless. From on/off-ramps to bridging, the average web3 user experience continues to remain broken for Web3 newbies. At the same time, dApp creators and web2 businesses also face multiple challenges with wallet integrations for their users. 

Beyond the user experience, majority of wallet ecosystems fail to address key issues around security and make it extremely complex for end users to stay on top of their crypto management. Lack of compliance within the wallet space ensures that regulators continue to look at self custodial wallets negatively and even today, in many countries, fiat on & off ramps continue to remain restricted and out of bounds for users.  



With years of deep experience in cybersecurity and wallet infrastructure, Panthera is built with an extensively laid out security outlay, and is further surrounded by plethora of safety nets like MPC Architecture, Real-Time Smart Contract Checks, End to End Encryption and more 


Panthera is built with both ends of the centralisation / decentralisation spectrum to provide complete control or ultimate security, as per requirements. Further, as the  industry evolves and compliance requirements keep building, Panthera is built to be ready for extensive compliance requirements. 

Meet The Team


Manhar Garegrat

CEO & Co-Founder

One of the key voices on crypto in India, Manhar is widely regarded in the industry. A highly adaptive leader, he has played a crucial role in evangelizing crypto among key stakeholders, policy makers and regulators by solving for compliance challenges for the crypto industry.

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